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One on One Instruction

At The Joy of Learning, I offer personalized reading, writing, and math instruction over Zoom to help students become confident and skilled learners. I am familiar with a broad variety of public and private school curriculum, and have specialized training in research based methods for students with learning differences. 

My work with students begins with assessments and rapport building, after which I develop an individual program for each child.  I frequently update parents on progress and give optional homework to extend the learning between sessions. 

Homeschooling Support

As part of my regular work with students, I provide optional home learning extensions. For families who are primarily homeschooling or who wants to do extensive work between sessions, I can provide more extensive home learning activities tailored to your needs. 

Paired and Small Group Instruction

Sometimes, students don't need one on one instruction, and can benefit from the collaboration of one or two other students who are working on the same skills. In this case, I put together students with very similar needs and provide small group instruction as well as individual assignments during lessons.  

Collaboration with Classroom Teacher and Specialists

As a former classroom teacher who has worked closely with families and specialists for many years, I am happy to communicate with your child's classroom teacher and any outside specialists to gain insight into your child's needs and create continuity across contexts. I am also comfortable interpreting results of Neuropsychological and Educational Testing and using that information to inform my teaching. 

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